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Graduating Class

Better Beginnings Graduation

Date: 6/18/2021

Time: 2:PM

Place: at out door of Better Beginnings 
Child Development Center
318 N. Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520

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Please join us, your presence will make all the difference.


Graduating Class of 2021


Aileen A.

Richard L.

Victor M.

Dylan M.

Grace O.

Kimberly Y.

Jovanni C.

Emily G.

Joel G.

Amy S.

Genesis V.

Heart Friends Sebastian G.

Brianna M.

Daniel S.

Melanie T.

Leonel P.

Maria R.

James Y.


Jose C.

Camila E.

Keyli G.

Zoe M.

Leonardo M.

Jeronimo N.

Jazmin P.

Rosa R.

Isabel M.

Aiden S.

Super Doopers

Alice A.

Jose E.

Sebastian Q.

Ariana C.

Melanie C.

Lionel G.

Keyli L.

Valentina P.

Johan S.

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