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About Us


Our Mission

To provide high quality, affordable child care program that contributes to the educational, physical, social and character development of individual children in a safe and healthy environment, while giving their parents the ability to remain employed or attend a full time training/education program, thereby having the opportunity to be self-supporting and contributing members of the community. 


Helping each child build a positive self-image through intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development is basic to our philosophy. Our goal is to provide a broad range of experiences and developmentally apropriate activities, suited to the individual needs of each child, in a warm, safe, healthy, accepting, multi-cultural, bi- lingual environment. Learning is exciting for young children and is both work and play for them.

Our approach is child-oriented rather than teacher-directed.

  • we believe that children learn by doing rather than by being lectured or watching

  • we believe that children learn best at the teachable moment and when they have free choice to pursue their inner drive for knowledge.

  • We are success-oriented.

  • We reinforce the positive and discourage the negative at every opportunity.

Children with positive self-image are more likely to succeed and our most important task is encouraging the development of self-esteem, independence and self-confidence. Children should have choices and we encourage problem solving and discovery, and ask questions to develop the spirit of inquiry rather than drill. It is crucial to use natural consequences. If correcting is necessary, we assure the child that while we may dislike a particular "action," we love and respect who they are. We encourage children to make friends and to be sociable towards others.

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